Aloha and Welcome to Maui!

I came to Maui for a one week vacation. Winter back home in Minnesota was brutal. I started to extend my stay ... now it is 39 years later.

I began my career on Maui playing music. Performing with my bass at some of the world's most beautiful resorts, hence driving all over the island I very soon realized that this was the place for me to stay. This was going to be my home! I had the honor to play with many wonderful musicians throughout the years. From Jazz to Hawaiian Music, Rock 'n Roll and Blues, the many talented players I work with have added a very important facet to this incredible place in Paradise.

I also took time to explore the water falls and beaches, hidden hiking paths and mountain peaks. I swam, ran, hiked and drove all around Maui. This island has many secrets and I was determined to discover as many of them as possible. To this day I enjoy sharing secret places with those who want to make this place their home as well.

When the house I rented back then was put up for sale I decided to get my real estate agent license and I convinced the owner to hire me as the Realtor. After listing that home for sale I ended up buying it; my first home in Hawaii! Two years later - in 1989 - I became a Real Estate Broker and started my own company.

Ever since I have helped people to make Maui their home, too. I can sure understand why you want to be here in Hawaii, whether on a full time or part time basis. Whether you want to spend some time here once in a while or if time has come to settle down in new surroundings for good ... I can help you find the right place. And if you want to retire in Paradise ... call me!

The beauty and charm, the balmy air and sunsets of Maui and Lanai have captured me a long time ago and to this day I love living where I am. I enjoy my life, my job and the fact that I actively help people to make dreams come true! Call me - and let's start working on your dream!







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